Aerial Surveys for Quarries and Mines

Timely access to the right data is the key to accurately measuring and managing the flow of resources. Our quarry and mine drone surveys are designed to relieve the guess work when it comes to these components of resource management.

We can provide:

  • Accurate stock pile and cut/fill volume calculations.
  • 3D terrain and contour maps for bulk earthworks assessments and site planning.
  • Historical surveys with easy comparison to current surveys to track progress.
  • Progress tracking, allowing billing verification and site constraint analysis
  • High resolution asset inspections.
  • Tailings dam monitoring.
  • Drainage analysis.
  • Monitoring and measurement of environmental change over time.

We can provide independent third-party volume calculations for reporting. Alternatively we can supply the 3D survey model to you or your consultants via our secure online data platform with volumetric measurement and analytics tools available. We can overlay the site excavation plan into the photo-realistic model. This allows managers to visually track and measure operations against the design surface to simplify forward planning and reporting, and to prevent mistakes before they become costly.


  • Improve safety. Our aerial surveys avoid operational interference.
  • Reduce costs. Efficient and comprehensive with whole sites rapidly scanned.
  • Fast turn-around. 24-48hr turnaround of survey data for maximum client flexibility.
  • Frequent map updates for improved safety and co-ordination with outside agencies.
  • High accuracy and high resolution surveys across site.
  • 3D Visualisation to better understand site conditions and excavation plans.
  • Share and collaborate. View and measure survey models in high-resolution 3D and share.
  • File exports for data manipulation, reporting and meetings.

We offer one-off surveys or regular surveys with significant cost savings available. Our engineering staff can integrate data from various sources into a common format for 3rd party consultants.

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Aerial survey simultaneously showing elevation data and high resolution ortho-photo of site.

3D triangulated mesh of quarry surfaces derived from drone survey model.

Virtual fly-through of a quarry survey model, highlighting detail captured in the 3D point cloud (raw drone scan data).

Measure stock volumesAccurate stock pile volumes.

3D visualisation of site assists with planning extractions and operations.


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A quarry drone survey converted to CAD format1
A quarry drone survey converted to CAD format2

Images from AirBorn Insight's online data portal powered by propeller