3D Modelling and Printing

Captivate your customers and set yourself apart from the competition! Achieve that marketing edge with an interactive 3D model on your website or a full-colour 3D printed scale replica in your foyer. Using the latest drone-scan technology, we can scan your site to tailor make virtual tours or digital fly-through animations to showcase your campus or new subdivision.

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3D print future developments into existing sites

3D printed replicas are fantastic to display in your foyer to complement and enhance site tours. They can showcase how future buildings (not yet constructed) will look on the site. This is done by importing the building CAD designs into the physically scanned site model and then printing it all in 3D.

The virtual model shown below of the University of Southern Queensland rear car park was created by scanning the area with a drone. The goal was to conceptualize a future solar panel installation over the car park.

Printed using the latest in full colour 3D print technology, the final model is an accurate representation of the future solar panel installation. 1 aac usq solar

 ...the final as-built installation.


This mini-golf course model was generated from a drone scan...

..and then printed in 3D. 

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