Aerial Surveying for Construction Projects - Solar Farm Developments

AirBorn Insight has extensive experience conducting aerial surveys of solar farm development properties using both photogrammetry and LiDAR technologies. Since 2016, we have delivered over 13,000Ha of detailed topography maps and 3D models of new solar farm developments in Australia. With continuous, high-resolution and accurate topography surveys, design engineers can optimise the solar panel support structures to make considerable savings on material costs and speed up the construction process. Our elevation models are also used for hydrology modelling and line-of-site mapping for visual amenity analysis.


  • Terrain mapping of large areas with high accuracy ground control points
  • Contour mapping
  • Power-line mapping
  • Feature mapping (roads, transmission lines, creek inverts, top of embankments, culverts etc)
  • Solar panel thermal mapping for defect detection
  • Tree location mapping
  • Visibility Analysis and Line-of-Site mapping
  • Watershed modelling
  • Hydrology study and flood level modelling
  • Erosion Management


We have provided services to customers such as: Infinergy, First Solar, RCR, Clenergy 


A few projects we have worked on include: Darling Downs Solar Farm, Haughton Solar Farm, Metz Solar Farm, Chinchilla Solar Farm, Bulli Creek Solar Farm, Collinsville Solar Farm.


Aerial survey outputs of a 400Ha solar farm development property in Queensland.


Darling Downs Solar Farm shown as a 3D survey model at pre-development stage in 2016 (top 2 images) and as a finished development in 2018. Arrow is on the existing power station as a reference point.


Engineers use these high resolution contour maps to assist with solar panel structural design.


Detail feature mapping of a development property.

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4Large area scans4
HSF detailmapping
HSF features