Infrastructure Management using Drone Scan Technology

We offer cost-effective scanning of structures to create measurable, high-resolution 3D models. Digitised infrastructure models provide numerous benefits to engineers and maintenance managers:- asset life-cycle inspections, engineering audits, service availability inspections, as-built audits and customer assurance. Examples of structures suited to this technology include: water towers, reservoirs, telecommunications towers, power-line towers, bridges, dams, buildings and heritage sites.

IPWEAQ (Institute for Public Works Engineering Australasia, Queensland) recently featured our drone scan capabilities in the Engineering for Public Works professional journal. Read the full article here (pages 54-56).


  • Improve Safety - reduce tower climbs and reliance on access equipment
  • Reduce Costs - efficient and comprehensive with whole assets/sites scanned
  • Reduce Downtime - track asset condition over time and proactively schedule maintenance
  • Identify and Tag Defects in fine detail - small cracks, corrosion, deterioration, etc
  • Accurately Measure defects such as crack length, corrosion areas, change over time
  • Sub-centimeter accuracy delivers confidence when planning installations / retrofits / route access
  • Ensure as-built matches as-designed
  • Insurance and Disaster Management - capture asset condition before the storm season to avoid dispute

Visualise in 3D on your desktop or via web browser:

  • Safely and efficiently perform Condition Assessments from your desktop in 3D. Zoom, rotate, swipe, interact and inspect assets for a truly paperless experience
  • Share and Collaborate in high-resolution 3D in real-time
  • Simplify communications between staff and clients
  • Create and export inspection databases and Reports
  • Improve Stakeholder Engagement and reporting
  • Easy to use with no need for specialised resources, high-end computers or multi package software

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Interactive 3D ModelThe interactive 3D model shown above was produced from an aerial drone scan. It is geo-referenced for accurate measurements. The images below illustrate the items tagged 1 to 4 in the image above (at the top of the tower).


Inspection Tag #1 - View assets from multiple angles using the interactive 3D model.


Inspection Tag #2 - Inspect the integrity and security of equipment and cabling (e.g. after storm) without working from height.


Inspection Tag #3 - Easily identify and measure defects to track deterioration over time, or to plan repair work.


Inspection Tag #4 - Safely measure items to trouble shoot or to ensure compliance (e.g. antennae separation).


 Inspect and measure inaccessible cracks and compare over time for engineering assessment.


Safely inspect the security and condition of out-of-reach access doors and critical locks using the high resolution 3D model.


Read the full article here (pages 54-56). IPWEAQ (Institute for Public Works Engineering Australasia, Queensland) recently featured our drone scan capabilities in the Engineering for Public Works professional journal. 

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EPW Journal Article - Infrastructure Drone Scan