Landfill and Waste Management

Our landfill surveying services are designed to assist managers to improve the performance of their sites. With access to the right data at the right time managers can now be empowered to more tightly monitor and control their landfill sites without breaking the budget. Increased efficiencies mean landfills can be measured more frequently and in unprecedented detail. Our state-of-the-art drone surveying services coupled with online 3D visualisation means managers have the option of direct access to powerful insights without requiring GIS or CAD software.

Services include:

  • Baseline volumetric surveys of levyable waste disposal sites and RRA.
  • Topographical plans.
  • Airspace calculations.
  • Stock pile volumes.
  • Soil balance inventory.
  • Waste compaction density calculations.
  • Capping contours.
  • Final waste heights.
  • Tracking of cell fill-up against fill plans.
  • Settlement detection and measurement of inactive cells.

We can provide independent third-party volume calculations for compliance reporting. Alternatively, we can supply the photo-realistic 3D survey model to you (or your consultants) via secure online data platform with automated airspace calculations and measurement analytics.

Our surveys are certified accurate by registered surveyors and fulfill the requirements of the 2019 Waste Levy legislation. We can supply drawings / plans / volumes in the required formats.  


  • Improve safety. Our aerial surveys avoid contact with hazardous materials and operations equipment.
  • Reduce costs. Efficient and comprehensive with whole sites rapidly scanned.
  • Fast turn-around. 24-48hr turnaround of survey data for maximum client flexibility.
  • High accuracy (5cm) and high resolution surveys across your site.
  • 3D Visualisation to better understand site conditions and sequencing plans.
  • Share and collaborate. View and measure survey models in high-resolution 3D and share.

We offer one-off surveys or regular surveys with significant cost savings available. Our engineering staff can integrate data from various sources into a common format for 3rd party consultants. 

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 Fill plan design surface integrated into a landfill drone survey.

Waste surface tracked against design surfaces in the 3D model to prevent mistakes before they become costly.

Accurate stock pile volumes visualised in 3D via online data portal.

Check change in cell volume over time. In this example the increase in cell volume from 05OCT2017 to 20JUN2018 was 15,941 m3. Average per week was 431 m3. What is the expected life of the site based on rate of airspace consumption? Can strategies be employed to optimise waste intake? Increase landfill compaction densities?

Monitor environmental changes in the online 3D model to assist with reporting and compliance.

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