Water Quality Sampling Drones


A More Accurate, Safe and Cost Effective Approach to Water Sampling

Drones are a powerful new tool for the collection of water samples, particularly at sites that are hard to access, such as dams or creek/rivers with steep banks or hazardous conditions. Drones can save on field time, while making sample collection safer. The system allows for repeatable operations at each site, with samples collected from the location that best represents the water quality of your site.  

  • reduced or eliminated many site hazards for field staff
  • multiple redundancies built-in to ensure safe operations  
  • increased efficiency at many sites, i.e. dams, rivers, estuaries and the ocean
  • repeatable operations at each sites with samples collected form the same location with accuracy of 1m   
  • on board camera with live feed back to the pilot that shows the drone taking the water sample
  • an automated 360 photo of site conditions

The above video shows some of the sites in Brisbane, Australia, where our water quality sampling drone provides a faster and safer way of sampling water. 


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