Specialist Sensors


Specialist Sensors

Drones are a valuable tool for carrying a range of payloads for a multitude of applications. Our mechatronic engineers are technically proficient at providing flexible solutions, adapting drone flights, sensor configurations, and data analysis approaches to ensure the unique needs of your project are met.

Specialist Sensors

BENEFITS OF OUR Specialist Sensors
Specialist Sensors
Multi-Sensor Capabilities

Our drones can carry a variety of advanced payloads, enabling the integration of multiple data sources such as thermal, multispectral, hyperspectral, electromagnetic or LiDAR, providing valuable insights for our clients.

Specialist Sensors
Enhanced Data Collection

Our range of sensors are tailored to specific tasks, providing accurate and relevant data that are challenging to obtain with standard sensors or human methods.

Specialist Sensors
Increased Accuracy

Our advanced sensors are optimized for accuracy in their designated application, for more reliable and precise data collection and analysis.

Specialist Sensors
Improved Efficiency

Specialist sensors streamline data acquisition processes, allowing drones to complete tasks more efficiently and with fewer resources compared to multi-purpose sensors.

Specialist Sensors
Targeted Information

Custom sensors focus on specific data parameters, ensuring that collected data is directly related to the intended purpose, reducing unnecessary data processing.

Specialist Sensors
Innovative Applications

By leveraging specialist sensors, our drone services provide solutions for new applications, opening doors for innovation in various industries.

AirBorn Insight bring professionalism, cutting edge technology and extensive experience. They capture the data we need and help analyse our complex natural environment so we can make better business decisions.

Mark Ward, Principal Restoration Innovation, Healthy Land & Water

AirBorn Insight are our go-to provider for aerial survey and imagery. They fully understand our needs and are excellent at what they do. I am always impressed with the quality and accuracy of their work, especially for repeat survey. I frequently recommend AirBorn Insight to my clients and stakeholders.

Dr Micheal Cheetham, Principal Scientist Water Technology

AirBorn Insight are a trusted collaborator of Bligh Tanner for survey and data collection on unique and often remote projects. We appreciate their professionalism and active involvement in projects to ensure that the data capture is reliable and will best achieve the project objectives

Riley Dejong, Civil and Water Engineer Bligh Tanner

Aerial LiDAR

WHY USE AIRBORN INSIGHT FOR Specialist Sensors services?

We outfit our drones with specialised sensors to elevate their capabilities. Customized for specific tasks, these sensors deliver precise data that surpasses conventional methods. Our systems seamlessly integrate a range of data sources, including LiDAR, photogrammetry, thermal imaging, and multispectral data, to offer unparalleled insights. Our goal is to inspire innovation across various industries by reshaping the approach to data capture, analysis, and application.

Reputation and References

We have a strong reputation in the industry, supported by positive client testimonials and references. Our reliability, quality of service, and track record for aerial LiDAR mapping have earned us the trust and recommendation of our clients.

Specialist Sensors
Specialist Sensors

Comprehensive Project Management

We provide all the essential elements for successful LiDAR services – professional consultation, precise surveys, in-house data processing, and proficient reporting and drafting services.

Professional Staff

Our professional engineers and licensed surveyors ensure precise data collection and accurate analysis for informed decision-making.

Specialist Sensors
Specialist Sensors

Reporting, Drafting and Visualization

We make it easy to interpret results. Our easily understandable formats facilitate the implementation of appropriate actions based on clear findings.

Efficient and Reliable Services

We can achieve the right outcome, first time, under a proven safety management system. We offer immediate deployment while taking care of costly equipment and the complexities of aerial LiDAR operations – training, maintenance, aviation safety management, documentation, and liability.

Specialist Sensors
Specialist Sensors

Advanced Technology

We utilize cutting-edge systems equipped with high-quality LiDAR sensors, cameras, and data collection instruments. Our advanced technology enhances data accuracy and enables us to capture detailed mapping data for comprehensive analysis.

Data Analysis Capabilities

Our in-house data analysis capabilities, including advanced software tools and techniques, allow us to process and interpret data effectively. We provide valuable insights for informed management decisions and actionable recommendations.

Specialist Sensors
Specialist Sensors

Customization and Flexibility

We are technically proficient at providing flexible solutions. Our engineers can adapt drone flights, LiDAR sensor configurations, and data analysis approaches to ensure the unique needs of your project are met.